Futures, Options, and Derivatives

Investment solutions becoming complex with individuals and businesses seeking alternative non-traditional ways to make returns and protect their existing portfolios or businesses.

With the services and expertise of the Polsinelli Financial Advisory Group of ScotiaMcLeod, you can realize solutions using options, futures and other derivative products.

Our team is prepared to find solutions to your “How can I” questions on complex portfolio and business solutions.

  • How can I reduce the volatility and protect my portfolio from market fluctuations?
  • How can I get direct access to all commodity markets?
  • How can I make alternative non-correlated returns different to the stock and bond market?
  • How can I protect my business inventory and US dollar revenues from currency and market risks?

Our team of specialists can help you find solutions with options, futures and other derivatives whether you are looking to make an alternative rate of return or protect the portfolio that you currently have.

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 Futures, Options, and Derivatives